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Waseda Shibuya Senior High School in Singapore (WSS) was founded in April 1991 on the west coast of Singapore. Our school provides a Japanese educational environment for Japanese residents of Singapore and other neighboring countries. In this new age of globalization and multi-national cooperation, the number of Japanese living overseas has increased. These expatriate families have struggled with the lack of Japanese senior high school options abroad. Our school was founded in order to meet their educational needs. Due to globalization, particularly the recent surge by Asian countries, Japan must collaborate with their neighbors by conducting international exchanges and exhibiting inter-cultural understanding. WSS believes this is extremely significant given the history of the region.


In April 2002, WSS became affiliated with Waseda University. This partnership resulted in the realization of a more robust educational philosophy. Our vision is to produce students who are global citizens and can contribute to Asia.





Help students develop self-awareness and independent thought
自調自考 means that each student develops self-awareness and independent thought which is the most important goal of the school. 調 means to absorb strength from the outside in order to mature. means to use one’s inner strength to mature. Both of these can only be achieved through the efforts of each individual and therefore students are asked to focus their energy accordingly. The students are impressed with the school’s core philosophy that ultimately, the road to maturity is a journey that they must navigate alone.

Teach students ethics & morality
Students must be able to differentiate between right and wrong as well as be morally sound. Additionally, it is necessary for students to feel a sense of moral outrage when they hear of evils in the world. By teaching them ethics, we are able to equip them with the tools necessary in making decisions whilst maintaining consideration towards others.

Learn to be international citizens
In this era of globalization, our third aim is to nurture our students to become global citizens through fostering cross-cultural experiences with local schools in Singapore and creating an open-minded environment within our campus. In order to be true global citizens, students must be able to tell others of their own history and culture in the global context whilst deepening their knowledge of other cultures.





High school is the most significant time in which youths mature to adulthood, both physically and mentally. It is the time when they need to learn to broaden their scope to encompass others in addition to looking deeply at their own circumstances. In this key period of their lives, the students must navigate their way to their futures in Singapore; away from their motherland of Japan. Therefore, the responsibility upon the educators at Waseda Shibuya Senior High School is profound. In order to fulfill our duty, we focus on the building the students’ independence, integrity and global outlook.

First of all, this school’s core philosophy of self-awareness and independent thought is instilled upon the students. High school students are flexible and impressionable therefore can be inculcated with a desire for more knowledge and introspection. They must be taught that knowledge cannot be attained with a passive attitude towards learning. We encourage our students to search for answers in order to have a higher level of comprehension. By challenging themselves, they will actively build inner strength which forms the foundation of character.

Second, we strive to enhance the academic ability and righteousness of each student. As an affiliate of Waseda University, this school offers a direct pathway for enrolment. However, we fully understand that there are other paths for our students. It is our responsibility to enhance our students’ academic abilities so they are able to apply to other prestigious private and national universities. We impart a high level of education and measure their capabilities to enable their dreams for their futures to become a reality; they are able to go to whichever university they choose. In addition to education, our goal is to produce fine, morally upright students who can empathize with others in addition to sharing their joys.

Finally, we aim to nurture our students to become global citizens. Our students attend high school in Singapore, a fully established leading global city, and thus have different experiences from students who study in Japan. In order to help our students make use of their experiences in Singapore later in their lives, we do our best to make our curriculum and school events meaningful and memorable. The English language curriculum has been developed to enable our students to acquire practical English abilities through the lessons.

These three objectives are the heart of our school. We aspire for our students to discover exactly what they want to do in the future and move toward the next stage of their lives with confidence. This is what we wish for our students.



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