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Educational Goals

Educational Goals

Help students develop self-awareness and independent thought

自調自考(jichō-jikō) means that each student develops self-awareness and independent thought which is the most important goal of the school. 調(chō) means to absorb strength from the outside in order to mature. 考(kō) means to use one’s inner strength to mature. Both of these can only be achieved through the efforts of each individual and therefore students are asked to focus their energy accordingly. The students are impressed with the school’s core philosophy that ultimately, the road to maturity is a journey that they must navigate alone.

Teach students ethics & morality

Students must be able to differentiate between right and wrong as well as be morally sound. Additionally, it is necessary for students to feel a sense of moral outrage when they hear of evils in the world. By teaching them ethics, we are able to equip them with the tools necessary in making decisions whilst maintaining consideration towards others.

Learn to be international citizens

In this era of globalization, our third aim is to nurture our students to become global citizens through fostering cross-cultural experiences with local schools in Singapore and creating an open-minded environment within our campus. In order to be true global citizens, students must be able to tell others of their own history and culture in the global context whilst deepening their knowledge of other cultures.